How does a nicotine patch work?

How does a nicotine patch work?

A nicotine patch, or a nicotine skin patch, is a supporting tool used by the ones trying to quit smoking. It aids the prevention of the withdrawal symptoms that one experiences after withdrawing from tobacco. 2baconil® is India’s first nicotine patch. 2baconil® nicotine gum is also a great help to those trying to quit tobacco.

This ‘medication’ provides an alternative source of nicotine in controlled quantities to the user. This supply of nicotine is without any of the other toxins that are found in a cigarette. Since the dosage is low and controlled, it gradually decreases dependency on nicotine and also prevents a major amount of nicotine withdrawal symptoms such as irritability or other behavioral issues, slow heart rate and an increased appetite. The craving for nicotine is constant which can be amplified due to certain triggers. The patches help avoid the craving in the first place. This quitting aid is advised to be used in the first few months of quitting as a part of the nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)

The nicotine skin patch, also known as a transdermal nicotine patch, resembles a bandage and is directly put on skin. It is to be placed as advised by healthcare personnel or according to the instructions provided with the patches.

A nicotine patch is usually placed on a clean, dry area of skin that is hairless. One has to take care that the nicotine patch is not worn on any part of the skin that is cut, inflamed, or sensitive in any other manner. It has to be placed on the torso area, that is, below the neck and above the waist, usually on the upper arm, chest or hip. It is to be placed firmly and worn continuously for 24 hours, even when washing or bathing. The patch is to be taken off after 24 hours and a new patch is to be worn at a different place for the next twenty-four hours.

There are certain side effects of nicotine patches. But, they are completely normal and very common as well. Side effects of nicotine patches include headache, vomiting, nausea, skin irritation and redness of skin where the patch is worn. It can also be due to application of patch on wrong site or use of higher dose patch. If the side effects continue, you could try lowering the dose or consult a doctor.

2baconil® provides a complete and proper nicotine replacement therapy. One should start with the 21 mg patches if he or she smokes more than 20 cigarettes a day. If one smokes less than 20 cigarettes, he/she should start with the 14 mg nicotine patches. After The first four weeks, the dosage should be decreased by switching to 7 mg patches. The 7 mg patches are to be used for the eight weeks. As you start with a higher amount that is close to your intake of nicotine through cigarettes, it prevents withdrawal symptoms from harping your process of quitting. After that, the dependency on nicotine is gradually decreased by switching to a lower dosage of nicotine.

Benefits of Nicotine Patches:

  • Reduces the urge to smoke and helps you reduce your nicotine cravings
  • The patch sticks to your skin like a bandage. With the Smart-TimeReleaseTM technology, it provides a steady and continuous release of nicotine over a period of 24 hrs.
  • As the patch keeps on working for 24 hours, it curbs the urge to smoke as soon as you wake up.
  • Patient Compliance is higher as the user does not need timely reminders for consumption of nicotine dosages.
  • Self-contained, discrete dosage from 2baconil® patch is hidden under the user’s clothes thereby not disclosing that the patient is on NRT.
  • Convenient, easy to use and apply.
  • It’s an effective substitute to smoking for people who find it hard to comply with the strict regime of oral medication which is available for smoking cessation.

Nicotine patches are safe to use for almost all adults. But they have to be avoided by teens and pregnant women. Remember, nicotine overdose is rare, but possible. Hence, going beyond the recommended dose is to be avoided at all costs. Doubling the dose and irregular dosage are to be avoided as well. It is also important to dispose the used patches properly. There are to be stored and disposed in a manner where they stay away from small children and pets of smaller sizes. In case of nicotine overdose or direct physical contact of the patches with children, it is recommended to consult health care personnel immediately.

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