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Patch Therapy Guide

Know Your Step 1

Quit Smoking with India First Nicotine

First, you need to choose the right strength for you. Since different smokers are used to different levels of nicotine, 2baconil™ comes in two starting strengths - 20 & More Cigarettes & Less Than 20 Cigarettes. Use the guide below to help you decide which therapy to choose.

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2baconil™ is available with or without a prescription

Nausea, vomiting, heartburn, headache and insomnia are common side effects and are possible in first few days of application. It can also be due to application of patch on wrong site or use of higher dose patch. If the side effects continue, you could try lowering the dose and/or consult your doctor.

Normally 2baconil Patch or Gum alone would provide enough nicotine to help most people control their craving for cigarettes/Tobacco. However, some people may find that even though they are using nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) they still have intense or frequent cravings they find difficult to cope with. Combination therapy has shown to be effective but, we strongly recommend you consult with your doctor before using combination therapy.

Yes. 2baconil™ gum is formulated with an artificial sweetener and, so, it is sugar-free.