What is 2baconil® Nicotine Gum Therapy?

2baconil® Nicotine Gums an oral form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy. 2baconil Nicotine Gums acts as an aid to help quit smoking and chewing tobacco. 2baconil nicotine gum comes in two strengths 2mg and 4mg.

Nicotine Gums have shown to curb withdrawal symptoms and help you quit tobacco over time. Nicotine gum works on chew and park technology in which you need to keep chewing the remedial nicotine gum without spitting out the saliva and relish its soothing mint flavour. For those looking to quit smoking, 2baconil nicotine gum therapy is a cost-effective and convenient option.

2baconil Nicotine Chewing Gum Therapy

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