Vikramaditya Ekkirala

I have been a smoker for more than 25 years puffing on an average 15 cigarettes a day. After several unsuccessful attempts over the last several years I have decided to try 2baconil. After using them as prescribed following the directions, I have quit smoking for the last 5 months now and I can proudly declare that I have quit smoking permanently. I do not have any craving while my general health and stamina has improved dramatically though I had to face some withdrawal symptoms after stopping the patches, they have disappeared now. I happy and glad that I came to know of this product while searching the internet and I had committed to using 2baconil. I thank the company for introducing such an expensive product in the Indian market at reasonable and affordable prices when compared to other similar imported products. 2baconil is truly effective. But we also need to have a strong desire to quit smoking