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Why is Tobacco

Why is Tobacco Addictive?

Tobacco is extremely addictive due to the nicotine that is present in tobacco. Regular use of any tobacco product leads to tobacco addiction which is harmful for the body in the long run. People who consume tobacco and want to stop smoking or chewing tobacco, should go in for application of Nicotine Replacement Therapy, which will help them quit smoking by slowly releasing remedial nicotine in the body.

When tobacco is consumed in small amounts, the nicotine generates pleasant feelings and gives the user a false sense of pleasure. This motivates the tobacco user to want to increase the usage. Nicotine begins to act on the chemistry of the brain and seriously affects the central nervous system, which creates mood swings. The nicotine laden tobacco also gives rise to an an adrenaline rush which gradually speeds up the heart rate and raises blood pressure.

Nicotine immediately reaches the brain within seconds of a puff, and its effects also start to wear off after a couple of minutes. The user usually starts feeling irritated and edgy. Then the user starts consuming tobacco again to get rid of the uneasiness and this vicious cycle continues.

As the body begins adapting itself to nicotine and begins to want more, users start increasing the amount of tobacco. This also then raises the amount of nicotine in their blood, and consequently they need still more tobacco to achieve the same effect. This is referred to as nicotine tolerance. Once the nicotine in the body reaches a certain level, the user needs to maintain this level with regular tobacco consumption. Which is why it is important to quit tobacco and smoking altogether.

People who smoke regularly can quickly become nicotine dependent and begin suffering immense physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms when they stop smoking. These symptoms may include irritability, extreme nervousness, splitting headaches, and having trouble sleeping. The fact that the addiction level has reached dangerous proportions is evident when smokers refuse to quit smoking even when they know that it is harmful for them and also seriously affects health, while transforming their family and friends into passive smokers. It is a fact that most people who are addicted to consuming tobacco in any way have a deep desire to quit smoking tobacco and start living a healthy life all over again. NRT using 2baconil® Patches and Gums can help people who want to quit smoking.

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Disclaimer : Please note that the therapy schedule is recommended for 12 weeks as a Step-Down Therapy, this may vary from person to person depending on their severity of dependence.