What does nicotine do to your bowels?

What does nicotine do to your bowels?
  • If you are a long term smoker and have ever tried quitting for even a short period, you most likely would have noticed an alteration in your bowel habits. It is a common complaint among smokers who quit cigarettes in that they become constipated. Often it is not constipation in the medical sense. Rather it is a slight alteration of bowel habit from the norm where you pass stool less frequently or less easily than you did when you were smoking.
  • In fact, it is more likely to occur if you had the habit of smoking while on the toilet or just before going in for a bowel movement. So is it just your mind playing tricks on your body? While there is a psychological component to alterations in bowel habit after quitting cigarettes, there is also a physiological explanation for it.

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