Breathing problems and strange sensations after quitting?

Breathing problems and strange sensations after quitting?

You will experience some strange sensations when you quit smoking that some people think are breathing problems. But they are not. It is just your body adapting to now having more oxygen, your airways being less irritated and your lungs trying to expel some of the toxins that accumulated over the years. It even is a sign of relief for your heart that has to work less hard to distribute oxygenated blood. In other words “it’s all good” but you should discuss your concerns with a doctor.

Air, Oxygen Distribution and Breathing

Before you quit smoking you were living is a state of hypoxia. This means that you were in a low oxygen state during the years of your nicotine dependence. You thought it was normal and indeed your body adapted to it. Oxygen is carried by the red blood cells in the body. Your bone marrow compensated by producing more red blood cells. Your blood carried higher than normal number of red blood cells. And your heart worked harder to distribute the blood. Even your lungs had to work faster and harder to bring in more oxygen. After you quit smoking, many of these hindrances fall away.

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