What’s 2baconil® Nicotine Patch?

What’s 2baconil<sup>®</sup> Nicotine Patch?

With the problems that smoking brings, not only to the one who smokes, but also to the people around them and their family, it is not surprising that a lot of smokers are on a quest for the most effective methods of quitting tobacco smoking. Many are just trying to quit smoking cold turkey, but fail and return to smoking. When you have already tried a lot of ways and are still not able to quit tobacco in the end, nicotine replacement therapy might be the best solution you have been looking for.

There are several harmful chemicals in the cigarettes, but it is nicotine which is responsible for your addiction to smoking. Nicotine is considered to give you a good feeling when you smoke as it triggers the pleasure points inside your brain. Therefore, most people claim to feel relaxed when they smoke cigarettes. It is found that most people tend to smoke when they are tense and in need of quick relief from it.

What is Nicotine Replacement Therapy?

NRT is the remedial introduction of nicotine into the body by means other than tobacco, usually as a part of tobacco cessation. 2baconil® is one of the mediums of NRT. A lot of tobacco smokers find it difficult to give up smoking/chewing tobacco due to the withdrawal symptoms they face because of quitting, which diminishes their willpower and chances to quit the habit.

Nicotine patch therapy uses small amounts of nicotine available in the patches to help you kick the tobacco smoking habit. One reason why most people return to smoking after trying to quit are the withdrawal symptoms such as a headache, depression, breathing problems, sleeplessness etc. Nicotine patches can help you deal with the quit smoking symptoms.

The nicotine transdermal patch is an effective way of quitting especially when you have the strong will to stop smoking. Transdermal patches are applied on the skin (arm or chest) which absorbs the nicotine entering your bloodstream. The low dose of nicotine being delivered into your bloodstream helps in controlling and decreasing cravings and urges to reach for a cigarette and light it.

How do you use a nicotine patch?

Since, different smokers are used to different levels of nicotine. Nicotine patches are available in different strengths to suit all the types of smoking addictions. You can select the strength according to the level of nicotine addiction. The nicotine patch 21 mg is with the highest strength followed by nicotine patch 14 mg and the one with the lowest strength is nicotine patch 7 mg. If you are not sure which strength to start with you can consult your doctor for suggestions.

How does 2baconil® Nicotine patch therapy work?

2baconil® is a unique patch with advanced Smart Time ReleaseTM technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke cigarette all-day long. 2baconil® nicotine patches are available online and you can buy best nicotine patch online. 2baconil® is India’s only nicotine transdermal patch manufacturer in the market. There is no need for a prescription from the doctor to buy the nicotine patches. They are easily available at the pharmacies near you.

Using the nicotine patch therapy for 12 weeks can help you quit smoking permanently*. Nicotine transdermal patches are one of the most effective NRT available which can give you a smoke-free and healthy life.

Looking to make a permanent change? Quit today.

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