More on Nicotine Replacement Therapy

More on Nicotine Replacement Therapy

The Nicotine in tobacco or cigarettes is what causes physical dependency.This physical dependence or addiction causes withdrawal symptoms like junkie thoughts, anxiety or quitters flu when trying to quit smoking. In order to ease out these withdrawal symptoms so that the process of quitting is easier, many people use Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT).


To quit smoking, the biggest challenge smokers’ face is breaking the nicotine urge. Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) helps one quit smoking successfully, with measured doses of nicotine without the hazards of other toxic chemicals and tar. NRT uses mediums like gums, patches, lozenges to provide the user with nicotine. Out of all these methods, nicotine patches and gums are the most effective. Withdrawal symptoms are mostly physical. NRT eases these physical symptoms so that the user can focus on the psychological aspects of quitting.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy is safe for most adults. The US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality does warn pregnant women and teens against the use of NRT though. Under any case, it is best to discuss NRT with a doctor as they can help with the dosages as well. It is very important for the people using NRT to be strictly off of other mediums of tobacco as it can cause an overdose of nicotine and other toxins in the body. This can be fatal.


NRT is mostly safe. But nicotine overdose is possible and possibly dangerous. To avoid this, follow the instructions that are provided with the patches. Avoid exposing the patch to heat and put the patch on a hairless body part.

Nicotine is absorbed through the skin. That means, nicotine can be transferred into one’s body through physical contact. Hence, store or dispose of used patches properly and keep them away from children and pets of smaller size. If there is accidental contact, approach a health care provider immediately,


Patches can be bought with or without prescription.

2baconil® provides patches with three different nicotine dosages.

The 21 mg patch is advised for heavy smokers. That is, if you smoke more than twenty cigarettes a day, you should start with the 21 mg patch. One must use one patch a day for weeks as you begin NRT with 2baconil®.

The 14 mg patch is advised for the people who smoke less than twenty cigarettes one day. These are to be used one a day for four weeks as well.

The 7 mg patch is to be used after the higher capacity patches that one has started the patch therapy with. After the first four weeks of using the 21 mg or 14 mg patches, one must switch to the 7 mg patch. This will gradually lessen the dosage of nicotine while preventing withdrawal symptoms.

Nicotine patches are to be changed every day. They are to be put on every morning on a clean, dry area of the skin without hair. Nicotine patches are applied on upper parts of the body .generally on upper chest, upper back and outer arms.

Nicotine patches are safe to use but might have some side-effects like skin irritation, dizziness, an increased heart rate and headaches. Nobody feels all the side effects. Some people have no side effects at all. If you have any of the side effects, it is advisable to use a different patch or consult your doctor.


Nicotine gums will help those better who used chewing tobacco/gutka formerly. 2baconil® provides 2 mg and 4 mg nicotine gum which are to be taken in a 12-week period. Just like the patches, one needs to start with a suitable dose and decrease the dosage gradually.

NRT is a therapy that helps you quit smoking. It does not make you do so. Even after taking therapy, you need to put in efforts to quit smoking. Once you have a strong stand, we will help you get through the rest.With willpower and NRT, one can successfully give smoking.

Looking to make a permanent change? Quit today.

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