How do nicotine patches and gum help to quit smoking?

How do nicotine patches and gum help to quit smoking?

Are you addicted to tobacco smoking? Quitting smoking can be very easy. Many smokers quit smoking a thousand times, but if they fail every time and return to smoking, it might be time to stop relying on willpower alone. There are several different quit-smoking aids available which can help you to stop smoking completely. These quitting aids can roughly double your chances of quitting cigarettes for good.

Nicotine present in the tobacco can be as addictive as other drugs. While some smokers successfully stop smoking on their own, studies show that many more fail. Smokers try a lot of different methods starting from taking medical help or going to rehab centers. But instead using a nicotine substitute i.e. Nicotine Replacement Therapy combined with some encouragement from family and friends can be powerful tools against tobacco addiction.

Nicotine replacement therapy includes various quit smoking products such as skin patches, sprays, inhalers, and gum. Smokers using NRT are more likely to quit than those who do not use any kind of replacement therapy. NRT not only helps you to kick your smoking habit, but also helps you to manage your nicotine withdrawal problems.

Nicotine replacement therapy is generally considered quite safe, though a few people might experience some health issues such as irritability, depression, and breathing problems. Pregnant women should avoid the use of any kind of NRT. If you have any medical condition, it is better to consult your doctor before you start with the replacement therapy.

Nicotine Gum:

It is the oldest form of nicotine replacement product. Nicotine gum looks the same as the normal mint gums available in the stores. Chew the gum a few times, till a peppery or minty taste becomes apparent, then hold it between your cheek and gums. When you hold the gum, the nicotine is absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth. The nicotine from the gum enters your bloodstream which helps you manage your smoking urges.

The nicotine gum is available in two strengths, 2 mg, and 4 mg. People who are occasional smokers or smoke around half pack-a-day can go with 2 mg gum and people who are the pack-a-day smoker you should go with 4 mg. It is recommended that you start with higher strength and eventually go down.

Nicotine gums are available at all the pharmacies near you and can also be bought online to avail of discounts.

Nicotine Patches :

A nicotine patch is more advanced and easy to use NRT. Patch is applied to your skin (arm), it provides a steady, continuous level of the drug. When you apply the patch, your skin starts absorbing the nicotine which enters your bloodstream keeping you away from tobacco smoking.

Patches are available in different strengths such as 7 mg, 14 mg, and nicotine patch 21 mg. They are easily available and can be ordered online too. In case you are not sure of the dose you can consult your doctor, who can help you choose the right strength.

2baconil’s nicotine transdermal patches are the 12 weeks replacement therapy which can effectively help you to quit smoking for good.

Looking to make a permanent change? Quit today.

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