Chewing Tobacco - How to Quit Tobacco?

Chewing Tobacco - How to Quit Tobacco?

Chewing and smoking tobacco is very dangerous and can lead to several serious health problems including heart disease, high heart-stroke risk, high blood pressure, leukoplakia, and cancer. Giving up a tobacco habit can be a very difficult task but not impossible. The benefits you will receive in return are worth all your quitting hard work. A lot of people try to quit but fail and return to tobacco. This is because of the wrong approach and the lack of willpower.

It is very important that with a strong mindset you come up with a concrete quitting plan to completely stop chewing and smoking tobacco. Here are a few important steps you should follow which can help you in your quitting journey.

Set a date to quit:

Picking a quitting date gives you the time to prepare yourself both physically and emotionally for the days ahead. Select a date that gives you enough time to get ready. You can anytime try to quit tobacco cold turkey way, people who have a set plan in place are likely to kick the habit.

Set up a quitting schedule:

Before you reach the quitting date you had set it is better you plan out a quitting schedule. Based on how much tobacco you currently use, slowly narrowing the quantity over a period. This will help you to eventually lower down the quantity of tobacco you use.

Know the benefits of quitting:

Know the reason why you want to quit tobacco as this will keep you motivated. Read on the internet the advantages you can get if you quit chewing tobacco.

  • You won’t have to deal with tobacco stains on your teeth and clothes.
  • Your breath will smell better.
  • Any sores inside your mouth will heal.
  • You’ll never have to worry about finding a can or bottle to use for tobacco juice.
  • You won’t have to duck out of meetings or gatherings to chew.
  • You will save money that you once spent on tobacco.

Figure out what your triggers are:

People who are tobacco addict have triggers that cause them to fall back on bad habits. Eliminating the triggers from your life will go a long way towards helping you quit chewing tobacco. Triggers can include getting stressed out, scared, anxious, smell, taste carvings etc.

Use alternatives:

Replacing tobacco with something else better than that will help you to manage your cravings. Stock up with items like chewing gum, fruit chews, and other similar things. Chewing something else helps in the management of the withdrawal craving, making the quitting process far easier.

Get medicine to help (optional):

Getting medical help is strictly optional. You can ask your doctor for prescription drugs like bupropion and varenicline for initial stages when you are unable to deal with the cravings. If you decide to use a prescription medication, start taking it a few weeks before you quit. This can make your quitting process very easy.

Nicotine replacement therapy:

If you do not want to go for medical help but want something similar you can go with the NRT. Nicotine replacement therapy is the remedial aid of nicotine to the body by means other than tobacco, usually as part of tobacco cessation. There are different types of NRT solutions such as gum, patches, inhalers, and sprays. These tools help you to manage your cravings and withdrawal problems. They are easily available and are widely used to quit tobacco.

Know that it is a path to improved health:

Smokeless tobacco can be more addictive as you get more nicotine in your bloodstream. Therefore, quitting smokeless tobacco can be harder than quitting smoking. It is not just the nicotine which is the problem but loads of other harmful chemicals which are present in the tobacco. Tobacco contains a lot of carcinogenic chemicals which can lead to serious diseases like oral or lung cancer.

When you quit tobacco, your body starts repairing itself from the damage once caused by tobacco. You start feeling better and the risks to your health go down significantly.

Take your quitting plan seriously and you relapse, go back to the beginning. Think about what worked and what didn’t and try again. With a strong purpose and a solid plan, eventually, you’ll be able to kick this habit for good.

Once you reach your quitting goal, congratulate yourself. You’ve worked hard! Celebrate by using some of the money you would have spent on smokeless tobacco to buy yourself a present or do something that you enjoy.

Looking to make a permanent change? Quit today.

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